Year 6

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Check out our exciting curriculum leaflet for this half term… ‘Dangerous Waters and Natural Disasters’

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Friday 12th February

12.2.21 Daily Timetable.docx

Kaspar – Chapter 10 – L5.pptx

12.2.21 Find-pairs-of-values-2 presentation

12.2.21 Find-pairs-of-values-2 worksheet


Thursday 11th February 

11.2.21 Daily Timetable.docx

Kaspar – Chapter 10 – L4.pptx

11.2.21 Find-pairs-of-values-1 presentation

11.2.21 Find-pairs-of-values-1 worksheet

Classifying Organisms Work5 (1)

Classifying Organisms Slide5 (2)

Wednesday 10th February

10.02.21 Daily Timetable

Kaspar -Word Class – L3

10.2.21 Solve-two-step-equations worksheet

10.2.21 Solve-two-step-equations presentation

French 10.02.21

Tuesday 9th February

9.02.21 Daily Timetable

9.2.21 Solve-simple-one-step-equations worksheet

9.2.21 Solve-simple-one-step-equations presentation

Kaspar Chapter 9 – L2

Geography Earthquake Activity

Extreme Earth Geography Slides

Monday 8th February

8.2.21 Daily Timetable

8.2.21 Forming-equations worksheet

8.2.21 Forming-equations presentation

Kaspar – Author Study – L1

Disaster Art

Friday 5th February 

5.2.21 Daily Timetable.docx

05.02.21 Formulae presentation

05.02.21 Formulae worksheet

Thursday 4th February 

4.2.21 Daily Timetable.docx

Kaspar Chapter 8 – L4 & 5 -Newspaper


Titanic Fact File.docx

04.02.21-Substitution presentation

04.02.21 Substitution worksheet

Classifying Organisms Slide4

Classifying Organisms Work4

Wednesday 3rd February 

03.02.21 Daily Timetable

03.02.21 Forming-expressions


PSHE – Climate Change

Extreme Earth -PSHE Slide

French – La Chandeleur

Kaspar Chapter 8 – L3 – Newspaper Features

Tuesday 2nd February

02.02.21 Daily Timetable

02.02.21 Find-a-rule-two-step

02.02.21 Find-a-rule-two-step-slides

Extreme Earth Geography Slide3

Geography – Extreme Weather

Monday 1st February

01.02.21 Daily Timetable

01.02.21 Find-a-rule-one-step

01.02.21 Find-a-rule-one-step

Chapter 8 comprehension

Kaspar Chapter 8 – Slides

Friday 29th January 

29.1.21 Daily Timetable.docx

29.1.21 Percentage assessment worksheet (1)

Kaspar Chapter 7 – Discursive Argument L5.pptx

lined paper

wide lined paper

Coding vocabulary flashcards

Thursday 28th January

28.1.21 Daily Timetable.docx (1)

Kaspar Chapter 7 – Discursive Argument L4.pptx

28.1.21 Percentages-missing-values presentation

28.1.21 Percentages missing values worksheet (1)

Classifying Organisms Slide3

Classifying Organisms Work3

Wednesday 27th January 

27.1.21 Daily Timetable

Kaspar Chapter 7 – Discursive Argument L3

27.1.21 Percentage-of-an-amount-2 presentation

27.1.21 Percentage of an amount 2 Worksheet

HMD-Year 5 and 6 – Project


i Before e Except After c Differentiated Activity Sheets


Tuesday 26th January 

26.01.21 Daily Timetable

Kaspar Chapter 7 – Discursive Argument L2

26.1.21 Percentage-of-an-amount-1 presentation

26.1.21 Percentage of an amount 1

Monday 25th January

Daily Timetable

Spelling task: wordsearch template

25.1.21 Order-FDP Presentation

25.1.21 Order-FDP Worksheet

Kaspar Chapter 7 – Discursive Argument L1

Extreme Earth Geography Slides

Geography- Water Cycle

Friday 22nd January 

Daily Timetable.docx


22.1.21 Equivalent FDP worksheet

Kaspar Chapter 7 – Postcards.pptx

Thursday 21st January 

Daily Timetable.docx (1)

Kaspar Chapter 6 – Setting Description.pptx

Fractions-to-percentages presentation

21.1.21 Fractions to percentages worksheet

Classifying Organisms Slide2

Classifying Organisms Work2

Wednesday 20th January

Daily Timetable

Understand percentages worksheet

Understand-percentages -slides

Kaspar Chapter 6 – Setting Description

French Fairy Tales

Tuesday 19th January

Daily Timetable

19.1.21 Decimals assessment

Kaspar Chapter 5 – Diary Entry

Art -The Great Wave

Monday 18th January

Daily Timetable

Chapter 4 comprehension


Fraction to decimals (2) worksheet

Kaspar-Chapter 4


Friday 15th January 

Year 6 Home Learning 15_1_2021 Daily Timetable

Titanic- Non-Fiction Books 3.pptx (1)

15.1.21 Fractions-to-decimals presentation

15.1.21 Fractions-to-decimals worksheet

15.1.21 Catching Game Computing

Lesson 1_ Metre

Thursday 14th January 

Year 6 Home Learning 14_1_2021 Daily Timetable

Titanic- Non-Fiction Books 2.pptx (1)

14.1.21 Decimals-as-fractions presentation

14.1.21 Decimals as fractions True or False question

14.1.21 Decimals-as-fractions worksheet

14.1.21 Classifying Organisms Slide1

14.1.21 Classifying Organisms Work1

Wednesday 13th January 

Daily Timetable



Titanic- Non-Fiction Books

French -Epiphanie- dans la galette

Tuesday 12th January

Daily Timetable

Divide-decimals-by-integers -worksheet


Titanic Reading and Research-Slides

Titanic Reading Comprehension 

Extreme Earth – Geography Slides

Geography Fact Cards

Geography Questions

Monday 11th January

Daily Timetable


Multiply-decimals-by-integers -slides

Kaspar – Historical Fiction

Extreme Earth PSHE Slides

PSHE – Natural Disasters

Friday 8th January 

Year 6 Home Learning 8_1_2021 Daily Timetable

8.1.21 SPAG.pptx

8.01.21 Maths Divide by 10, 100 and 1000.pptx

Thursday 7th January 

Year 6 Home Learning 7_1_2021 Daily Timetable

7.01.21 Maths Multiply by 10 , 100 and 1000.pptx

Kaspar Expanded Noun Phrases.pptx

Evolution and Inheritance Slide6

Evolution and Inheritance Work6

Wednesday 6th January 

Daily Timetable

Spring 1 Spellings

06.01.21 Maths

English- ‘Kaspar Prince of Cats’ Visualisation Activity



Tornado Art

Tuesday 5th January 

Daily Timetable

Chapter 1 comprehension

Kaspar- Reading Comprehesion

Kaspar-Chapter One

Maths 05.01.21


PowerPoint – The Five Pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam Activity Sheet

Monday 4th January

Daily Timetable

Maths 04.01.21

Maths 04.01.21

Book cover and blurb

Kaspar – Predictions

Titanic Geography Slide1

Titanic – Geography

Thursday 17th December

Darwin-Storybook (1)

Year 6 Home Learning 17_12_2020 Daily Timetable

Evolution and Inheritance Slide4

Evolution and Inheritance Work4

17.12.20 maths.pptx (1)

Reflection – Level 5 – Questions

Monday 14th December 

Daily Timetable

Christmas Coordinates

14.12.20 Maths

Victorians History

Friday 11th December 

Year 6 Home Learning 11_12_2020 Daily Timetable

Fractions Assessment A

Fractions Assessment B

Grammar, punctuation and spelling test

Thursday 10th December 

Year 6 Home Learning 10_12_2020 Daily Timetable

Paper 3 reasoning

Spelling task

Spelling transcript

Evolution and Inheritance Slide3

Evolution and Inheritance Work3

Wednesday 9th December

Daily Timetable

A Christmas Carol -Ignorance and Want

Ignorance and Want PowerPoint 

Year 6 Reasoning

Tuesday 8th December 

Daily Timetable

English Reading Answer Booklet

English Reading Booklet

Year 6 Arithmetic Paper

Negative Space Art

Victorians -Comparison Table

Victorian Medical Care

Monday 7th December

Daily Timetable

Hearts for Homes Project

Year 6 Arithmetic Paper

Wednesday 2nd December

Daily Timetable

02.12.20 Christmas Carol

02.12.20 Fractions- four rules

Tuesday 1st December 

Daily Timetable

01.12.20 Christmas Carol

01.12.20 Dividing Fractions by Integers

Monday 30th November 

Daily Timetable

30.11,20 Christmas Carol

30.11.20 multiplying fractions

French Poem – Le Noël pour moi

RE Presentation

RE Video Clip 1

RE Video Clip 2

RE Video Clip 3

Friday 27th November

27.11.20 Christmas Carol presentation

Evolution and Inheritance week 2 presentation

Evolution and Inheritance week 2 worksheet

27.11.20 Multiply fractions by integers presentation

Year 6 Home Learning 27_11_2020 Daily Timetable

Multiply-fractions-by-integers worksheet

Thursday 26th November 

Year 6 Home Learning 26_11_2020 Daily Timetable

26.11.20 Christmas Carol presentation

A Christmas Carol chapter 4

26.11.20 Mixed addition and subtraction fractions presentation

Mixed-addition-and-subtraction worksheet

Creating a virtual game (2) presentation

Wednesday 25th November

Daily Timetable

25.11.20 A Christmas Carol

25.11.20 Maths Activity

25.11.20 Maths Presentation


Tuesday 24th November 2020

Daily Timetable

24.11.20-Mixed Numbers

24.11.20 Mixed Numbers Activity

Christmas Carol -Formal Writing 

History – Victorians & The Penny Black Stamp 

Monday 23rd November 2020

Daily Timetable

A Christmas Carol Chapter 4

A Christmas Carol -Character Comparison

Maths 23.11.20

Victorian Invention Timeline Activity

Victorian Inventions


Friday 20th November 2020

Year 6 Home Learning 20_11_2020 Daily Timetable

English20.11.20 A Christmas Carol presentation

Maths –  20.11.20 Compare and order (numerator) presentation

Compare and order fractions (numerator) worksheet

Science – Evolution and Inheritance presentation

Evolution and Inheritance Worksheet

Thursday 19th November 2020

Daily Timetable

English – Using Textual Evidence to Visualise Presentation

The Ghost of Christmas Past Activity

Maths – Compare and Order Fractions Presentation

Compare and Order Fractions Activities

Computing – Creating a Virtual Game Presentation


Wednesday 18th November 2020

Daily Timetable

Adding mixed numbers activity

Adding mixed numbers powerpoint

Christmas Carol comprehension questions

A Christmas Carol reading comprehension powerpoint

A Christmas Carol Chapter 3

French: counting in tens quiz


Tuesday 17th November 2020

Daily Timetable

A Christmas Carol Chapter Three

Christmas Carol Reciprocal Reading

Add and subtract fractions activity

Add and subtract fractions

Industrial Revolution Fact Cards Sorting Activity

Victorians – The Industrial Revolution


Monday 16th November 2020

Daily Timetable

Adding and subtracting fractions

adding fractions activity

Verb Tenses -Christmas Carol


RE – How do Scientists think Creation happened Presentation and Activities


Friday 13th November 2020

Daily Timetable

A Christmas Carol Text Chapter 2

A Christmas Carol Comprehension Questions

Fractions on a number line worksheet

Creating a virtual space presentation

Fractions on a number line presentation

Thursday 12th November 2020

Daily Timetable

English – Summarising Presentation

Summarising Activity Sheet

Christmas Carol Text

Maths – Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions Presentation

Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions Worksheet

Science – Evolution and Inheritance Presentation

Science Activity Sheet


Wednesday 11th November 2020

Daily Timetable

English – Christmas Carol: Meeting with Marley Presentation

Summarising Activity

Maths – Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers Presentation

Improper Fractions Worksheet

French – French Activity


Tuesday 10th November 2020

Daily Timetable

English – Write a Character Description

Christmas Carol Text

Maths – Simplify Fractions Presentation

Simplify Fractions Activity

History – Victorians Presentation

Queen Victoria Family Tree Activity

PSHCE – Remembrance Day Presentation


Monday 9th November 2020

Daily Timetable

English – Christmas Carol Powerpoint

Christmas Carol Text

Emotion Graph

Maths – Fractions Powerpoint

Equivalent Fractions Worksheet

Art – William Morris Factsheet

Motif Design Worksheet

William Morris Powerpoint