E-Safety Information Leaflets

Please follow the links for a number of E-Safety leaflets which were available in School at the Meet the Teacher evening and may be of interest to you.

To see E-Safety information for parents of children aged 0-5 – Click Here

To see E-Safety information for parents of children aged 6-10 – Click Here

To see E-Safety information for parents of children aged 11-13 – Click Here

To see the SMART rules that the children will be taught in School as part of their E-Safety work and which can be reinforced at home – Click Here

To see information about ‘Sharenting’ and how to keep your child safe on your own Social Media profile while sharing important moments in their lives – Click Here

To see a booklet of tips to protect young children online including information about cyber-bullying and too much screen time – Click Here

If you require any further information about the E-Safety work done in School or have a question about E-Safety please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher.

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The Prime Minister has visited our School

We are absoloutly delighted the The Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May has paid a visit to our School today.


We will be posting photographs and text as soon as possible.

In the meantime please check out our facebook & twitter accounts as we share footage from The PM’s official account and also the press.

National TV is covering the visit.

For obvious security reasons we could not disclose details of her visit before this time.



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Archbishop of York – Video interview


Huge praise for the Children,Staff,School building & educational standards & more.

Refererence is made to our recent outstanding SIAMS inspection report. See report –  Click Here


To see what the Archbishop of York had to say about our school please click here 

** This interview has to be downloaded to be viewed, not all devices will allow this to happen we are trying to change the format to assist**

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Stonewall School Champion

The school is pleased to announce that we are now a Stonewall School Champion following our whole school training session this half term.

The training covered case studies and how to support learners with issues around homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying should this ever occur in our school.

There was also a lot of work around robustly challenging and dealing with bullying in general especially in the use of inappropriate language chosen to hurt others.

Stonewall also provided the school with some excellent resources to support this work.

The School would like to thank our trainer, James for the two excellent sessions provided and look forward to continuing to work with Stonewall in the future.

Working with Stonewall

As part of our work this Anti-Bullying Week the school is pleased to be part of a National project with Stonewall.

Our school prides itself on its inclusive ethos and welcoming atmosphere. All staff and Governors truly believe that all children are uniquely made in the image of God and unconditionally loved by God with their own strengths, weaknesses, interests and personality.

The school fully embraces the core Christian values which provide the foundation for all our policy and practice meaning we aim to help children develop in all areas to enable them to become happy, well-rounded young people.

The work the school is undertaking with Stonewall is to further strengthen excellent work the school already carries out in terms of behaviour. This work will ensure that all staff are empowered and well trained to deal with any strand of bullying should it ever occur so that all children can feel safe and secure in our school.

As SIAMS (June 2017) commented: ‘Pupils are safe and feel safe in this deeply caring school.’ and ‘Where bullying does occur pupils speak with conviction about how adults help them.’

Senior staff and Governors had an interesting and stimulating discussion with our trainer, James Robinson, last night and are looking forward to the whole staff training day in January.


To read more please click here to read Stonewall’s ‘The Teacher’s Report’.

As a school it is our duty to ensure that all children in our care are safe and free from discrimination.

Multi-Academy Trust Update

The school is pleased to announce that we have been granted an Academy Order by the Department for Education.

We now move onto the next stage of exploration related to forming a multi-academy trust with our partner schools.

We will provide further information in the coming weeks.