Purchase your own piece of art and help the NHS

You may remember a few weeks ago I shared with you some amazing art in the style of Banksy by Andie in Lindisfarne class which she did in response to COVID-19.

Andie is now selling her artwork on to raise money for the NHS.

If you would like your own copy of her ‘girl with rainbow balloon’ you can purchase one for £3 and £1 will go towards the NHS.

The art work can be made unique by changing hair colour and clothing and uniform can also be added in the picture along with a choice of balloon shape and colour.

If you would like to check this out and purchase one please click here

Our Community Prayer Tree

When you are out for you exercise in the village could I suggest that you take a walk up to School.

Our Key Worker children have created a very special prayer tree. They have made the tree themselves and have written some prayers that they would like to share with you.

What they would like most of all is if you bring your own prayer to add to the tree when you come to look at it. All prayers can just be tied to the fence. It could be for the Key Workers or for someone that you personally know.

We hope that grown ups as well as children add their prayers. It is on the fence outside of the School so that any member of the community can add their own prayers to. I am sure that Rev. Audrey will be offering these prayers at our Parish Church.

I have added some pictures of the inspirational prayers written by some of our children already on the tree.

We can’t wait to read your prayers!

Our very own Banksy!

Lindisfarne class have been researching the street artist Banksy as part of their home learning. As part of this work the children were challenged to have a go at recreating one of his artworks.

We wanted to share with you this stunning artwork by Andie who has not only produced an amazing interpretation of ‘Balloon Girl’ but has also created her own COVID-19 inspired version incorporating a rainbow.

These pieces of artwork certainly brightened our day and we hope you enjoy looking at them too!

Oak National Academy Online Lessons and Resources

Oak National Academy is a new collection of high-quality lessons and online resources. Backed by the Government, it has been created in response to the Coronavirus lockdown.

Their online classroom offers free access to great teachers, delivering video lessons, quizzes and worksheets. Available for both primary and secondary levels, it covers a range of subjects. All of the lessons are ordered so your child can learn along a clear plan. We’ll provide new lessons and resources each week.

Oak National Academy will fit alongside other resources such as BBC Bitesize to offer a structure for the day for children until schools fully reopen.

Oak National Academy was built at speed; at present resources are for pupils who usually access their schools’ curriculum in mainstream education, from reception through to year 10, without significant support or adaptation. They are currently working on providing support for teachers working with pupils with additional needs, and teachers based in specialist settings. Next week they hope to launch materials for pupils not able to access all aspects of their current offer.

How it works: Each Oak National Academy lesson will be an hour long, with elements such as a quiz, a video explanation from the teacher and a worksheet.

Currently the staff at Heddon are looking at the materials and will direct Year groups to particularly appropriate materials via the class blogs during this week.

To check out Oak National Academy please click here

Check out our green fingers!

While most of you are at home the key worker children have been working hard with the staff in our new allotment at School.

Thanks to a very generous donation of plants, flowers and vegetables from Halls of Heddon Garden Centre our allotment is looking amazing. Thank you so much Halls of Heddon, your kindness is much appreciated!

We hope that we are all back in School in time to pick and eat all the wonderful things that are now growing.

Keep your eyes peeled for our scarecrow, Bob, who will be out in the allotment scaring the birds once he is completed by the children!

We hope that you enjoy looking at the photos of all of our hard work and we would love to know if you are growing something special at home too.

Easter Egg Competition Winners!

Thank you all for your amazing entries for the Easter Egg competition.

We were very impressed with your eggs and all the hard work you put into making them.

The winners of the competition were:

Dylan in Bamburgh with his crocodile;

Chloe in Cragside with her woolly Mammoth.

Well done both of you and there is a prize of a large chocolate Easter Egg in School for you to collect.


Thanks to the Community Team at Tescos, who were also very impressed with all of the ‘egg-dangered’ and ‘egg-stinct’ animal entries, they have donated a small Easter Egg to everyone who made an egg to say thank you for taking the time to enter the competition and for trying so hard.

Your Easter Eggs are at School and we will keep it until your grown up can pop in to collect it.

If you cannot come and collect your prize one of our Governors, Mr. Stewart, is willing to drop it off for you. If you would like it dropped off please email the School and we will arrange it for you.

Well done!

Easter Egg Competition Entries

Many thanks to all those children who took part in our ‘Egg-dangered and Egg-stinct Animal’ Easter Egg Competition.

There were some amazing entries with excellent fact sheets. Both Mrs. Darby and I learned some new facts about these interesting animals.

I wanted to share the entries with you all so that you can see the high standard of work and effort which has gone into them.

Winners will be announced tomorrow!