Terrific Tag-Rugby Result for Year 5!

On Thursday 5th October, Year 5 took part in a Tag Rugby festival at Ponteland Primary School. We are delighted to announce that one of our teams bagged FIRST place and our other team came in third! We are so proud of their teamwork skills and of their determination and resilience. 

Miss R Thompson

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Miss R Thompson who will cover Mrs Southern’s maternity leave in our Reception class, starting on Monday 2nd October 2017.  Miss R Thompson has been in school today working closely with Mrs Southern and Mrs Abbott.

Welcome to Heddon-on-the-Wall St. Andrew’s CE Primary School

Over the Summer holidays Keepmoat have been incredibly busy getting our new extensions ready for the start of term. This has been a £1.5million investment into the education of the children in our community. Since the construction of the current school in 1963 there has been a thriving and vibrant school community on this site. The present investment secures this for many years to come.

During the 6 weeks of the summer there has been significant works to complete both inside and outside of the building.

The new interior spaces add an extra dimension to the school and staff can’t wait to show the children around the extensions.

The admin team now have a large, modern and fit for purpose office suite next to the main entrance of the school. The new secure entrance lobby means that visitors speak to office staff directly at the main door with an additional 2 secure doors between the entrance and the main school.

A new relaxed waiting area has been created as well as a purpose built meeting room for speaking to staff privately. As well as this there is a state of the art accessible toilet at the entrance.

A large airy corridor connects the new entrance suite to the main school, with security doors to separate the areas.  Year 3 and Year 5 are in the new classrooms which have been equipped to the highest standard including air conditioning units.

Year 4 have had new lighting installed, new carpets and redecoration.

Year 2 has had their windows replaced and a new fire door installed.

The addition of the lobby to Year 1 has allowed a reorganisation of some of the smaller internal spaces with the creation of a new staffroom meaning there are more breakout rooms for small group work.

Both the boys and girls toilets have been extended and upgraded. All of the toilet furniture and cubicles have been replaced with modern and vibrant colours. Extractor fans and new lighting has been installed to make this a more welcoming area for children to use.

Externally the new extension has been impressively rendered in a brilliant white finish to contrast with the dark brickwork along with a splash of green from the new living wall. The car park has received the final coats of tarmac and a new accessible ramp to the main entrance has been completed along with a handrail.

As with any build of this size and scope there have been a number of snags over the summer. This has resulted in a slight delay to the programme meaning that some areas are not yet completed. Work will continue on the Hall, remodelling of the old Year 3 classroom (which is not required for use by children) and some cosmetic external works over the coming days.

As prior to the summer the health and wellbeing of all children in our care is our priority and will continue to be so throughout the final days of the build.

We are thrilled to be opening this week as a new primary school and we look forward to working closely with you and our partner schools, including the High School, to provide an enhanced learning experience for all children. Already this year we have lots of exciting activities and events already planned which will be shared with you over the coming weeks.

Arrangements for this week.

School will open as normal on Wednesday 6th September 2017 at 8.55am.

Drop off and collection arrangements for children will be the same as prior to the summer for an interim period.

Year group                          Drop off (am)                               Pick up (pm)

Nursery                  Nursery door (Early Years Yard)      Nursery door (Early                                                                                                         Years Yard)

Reception             Reception door (Early Years Yard)    Reception door                                                                                                    (Early Years Yard)

Year 1                                  Main Yard                              Reception door                                                                                                    (Early Years Yard)

Year 2                                Main Yard                                  Hall Door

Year 3                                Main Yard                                  Hall Door

Year 4                               Main Yard                                   Hall Door

Year 5                              Main Yard                                    Hall Door

Staff will be available each morning and afternoon this week to guide parents to the correct drop off and pick up points.

Should you need to speak to the Office Staff or to collect school uniform please go to the new main office. Again staff will be available outside to guide you to the correct place.

As there will still be some work vehicles around we would ask that if you do need to bring a vehicle to school you park safely and show consideration for our neighbours.

As always staff are more than happy to speak to you if you wish.

We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

Building Works Update Thursday 17th August 2017

The extensions to the school building are now really taking shape.

In Year 6 the windows have been fitted and the internal cabling is going in.

The old toilets have now all been removed. The space has been expanded and the plumbing for the new toilets has been installed.

The external building work to extend the Year 3 classroom is almost completed and the new corridor has been constructed.

The Year 4 classroom has been rewired and a new ceiling has been finished. The new lights are currently being fitted. The old carpet has also been removed ready for the new carpet to be installed next week.

The internal walls to create the spaces in the new extension have all been completed and in Year 5 the windows have also been installed.

The new office also has the windows installed and plasterers are working in this space along with the new reception area, interview room and accessible toilet.

The external walls of the Hall extension are complete and the next step here is the installation of the windows.

The school kitchen has had the old windows blocked up and is being redecorated with new tiling being put into place.

Externally, the foundations for the disability access ramp are in place and works on this continue.

Book reviewed by TES

Our new Year 5 teacher Miss O’Reilley children’s novel, The Boy with his Head Stuck in a Book, uses augmented-reality in an attempt to engage Year 6 boys.

Click here

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Heddon St Andrew’s C of E Primary School

From September 2017 we will become a primary school.

i.e -From Nursery through to year 5 (year 6 with effect from September 2018).

For admission enquiries during the summer break please contact the below-

Northumberland County Council.

School admissions team.

01670 623561.

** Please note that due to the ongoing building work the School telephone system may not be operating and staff will have restrictive access to the building **

You can keep up to date with events and information about our School by following our twitter & facebook accounts.


Building Works Update Friday 28th July 2017

Amazingly the first week of the holidays is almost over.

While the school is on holiday the builders from Keepmoat have been working very hard.

The roof is now on the new Hall extension and the air conditioning unit is already in place.

The block work for the new entrance and Year 5 classroom is now complete as is the installation of the insulation blocks. The bricklayers are now adding the outer skin of bricks which look impressive with their dark mortar.

The Year 6 classroom now has its roof on and the final blocks for the walls are being added.

The temporary entrance ramp has been removed and the groundworks have begun to install the disability access ramp from the car park to the main entrance.

Inside the building the protective barrier wall has been removed in Year 3 to allow the creation of the corridor to the new entrance. Year 3 has also had all the cupboards and units removed ready for the remodelling work to begin.

The Hall has been cleared ready for the platform lift to be installed.

We are also pleased to say that work has begun on the children’s toilets and the old cisterns and urinal have been removed ready for some brand new toilet furniture. The cubicles, sinks and water heaters are also being removed and the toilets will be completely remodelled over the summer with the addition of extra cubicles as well as new sinks, cubicles, tiles and wall coverings as well as a new floor.

Please keep watching for more updates over the summer.

End of Year Worship

The children enjoyed our end of year Worship today.

We enjoyed celebrating all those children who had 100% attendance for this year. To all 12 of you – a big well done!

St. Dunstan won the award for the most house points with 373 points.

We said a fond farewell to those children leaving us from a variety of year groups as well as a goodbye to both Miss Ross and Mrs. Crawford who are moving on to new challenges.

The choir performed their own version of Abba’s ‘Thank you for the Music’ as we also said a last goodbye to Freda, who is retiring from playing the piano for us. Freda has long connections with the school from attending as a child herself, teaching here and then playing the piano for us. She told us her involvement with school was over 65 years!

We would like to wish that all parents, carers and children will have an amazing holiday and we look forward to seeing you again in September!

Building Works Update Friday 21st July 2017

As we reach the end of term it is great to see the first fix of cabling going into the new building.

Bricklayers have been busy laying the block walls and the internal walls are also taking shape.

The floor of the new Hall has been laid and the rafters installed ready for the roof to be fitted next week.

The new yard has now been created and the tarmac has been laid.

Next week Keepmoat will be busy breaking through into the main school to join the extension to the existing building.

Further updates will be posted throughout the holidays to keep you up to date with progress.