Year 1

Remote Education for Year 1 is available on this page.

If you need to return completed work or to contact Miss. Nelson please email:               0r via the children’s email within Purple Mash.

Friday 4th December 2020

Guidance- Friday 4th December

Phonics-Alien names

DT-evaluating taste of fruit

Thursday  3rd December 2020

Guidance of the day-Thursday 3rd December 2020

English-english task

what the lady bird heard

Phonics-Phonics tom thumb

Maths-maths worksheet

Spelling sound-ay spelling sound

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Guidance of the day- Wednesday 2nd December 2020

English-Grouping rhyming words


Lesson 1: Phonics A bad fox

Lesson 2:Phonics tom thumb

Maths-Maths worksheet

R.E-RE task

Tuesday 1st December 2020

Guidance of the day-Tuesday 1st December 2020

English- Decoding adjectives


Lesson 1:Phonics A bad fox

Lesson 2:Phonics tom thumb



Worksheet:Maths worksheet

Christmas tasks-

song lyrics to learn: It Was on a Starry Night lyrics

crafts: shepherds task

Sheep craft task

Monday 30th November 2020

Guidance of the day- Monday 30th November 2020

Handwriting formation- Handwriting formation

English- English task


Lesson 1: A bad fox

Lesson 2: Tom Thumb


Lesson-sorting 3d shapes

Task- maths worksheet


Christmas tasks-

Shepherd craft task

Sheep craft task

It Was on a Starry Night lyrics

Friday 27th November 2020

Guidance of the day/suggested timetable-Friday 27th November 2020

English-see guidance above


Lesson 1: Ken’s cap

Lesson 2:The duckchick



Worksheet: Maths worksheets

History: history


Thursday 26th November 2020

Guidance of the day/suggested timetable- Thursday 26th November 2020

English-Plan for writing a diary


Lesson 1-Ken’s cap

Lesson 2-The duckchick

Maths-Maths worksheets

Design Technology- To do tasks set

Wednesday 25th November 2020

Guidance of the day/suggested timetable-Wednesday 25th November 2020

Handwriting formation-Handwriting formation

English-Lesson and tasks


Lesson 1:Ken’s cap story and Wednesday task

Lesson 2:The duckchick story and wednesday task


Lesson 1 comparing addition and subtraction statements-

Worksheet-maths worksheet

Religious Education-

Nativity story:The nativity ppt

Comic strip resource:comic strip

Spelling sounds-nk and ng task

Tuesday 24th November 2020

Guidance of the day/ suggested timetable-Tuesday 24th November 2020

Handwriting formation-Handwriting formation

English- the koala who could

English worksheet


Lesson 1:Ken’s cap

Lesson 2:The duckchick

Maths: finding the difference lesson 2-

Worksheets –Maths worksheet

maths extra worksheets

Monday 23rd November 2020

Timetable-Monday 23rd November 2020

Handwriting-Handwriting formation

English-The koala who could

English worksheet

English worksheet example

Phonics: See tapestry for which lesson to follow

Lesson 1-Ken’s cap

Lesson 2-The duckchick


Maths worksheet



Friday 20th November 2020

Timetable- Friday 20th November 2020

Handwriting- Handwriting Formation

English- Koala facts

The Koala who Could Presentation

Phonics- Phonics task

Maths- Maths worksheet- counting back

History- History Presentation

Purple mash- To do set

Thursday 19th November 2020

Timetable-Thursday 19th November 2020

English-comprehension task

Phonics-Building sentences

Maths- maths worksheet

Design Technology- Balanced diet ppt

Healthy eating plate

Wednesday 18th November 2020

Timetable-Wednesday 18th November 2020

Phonics-Phonics worksheet

Maths-maths worksheet

RE-RE task

Computing- computing task

Tuesday 17th November 2020

Timetable-Tuesday 17th November 2020

English-the koala who could

Phonics-Phonics worksheet

Maths-maths worksheet

Spelling sounds- qu sound

sh and ch sound

Monday 16th November 2020

Timetable-Monday 16th November 2020

Handwriting formation-Handwriting Formation

English-Literature tasks

Phonics-Phonics worksheet

Maths- maths worksheet

Science-Classifying animals

Music- Pulse lesson 2

Friday 13th November 2020

Timetable for Friday

English-Phonics worksheet

Maths-Maths Worksheet

Children in Need activities:

children in need power point

Thursday 12th November 2020

Timetable for Thursday

English- Phonics worksheet

spelling sound ‘th’

Maths- Maths worksheet

Design Technology-food handling hygiene powerpoint

Wednesday 11th November 2020

Timetable for Wednesday

English-Phonics worksheet

Maths- Maths Worksheet

History-Remembrance Powerpoint

Remembrance worksheet

Tuesday 10th November 2020

Timetable for Tuesday

English – Phonics worksheet

Spelling practice

Handwriting Sheet

Maths – Maths Activities

RE – RE Activity


Monday 9th November 2020

Timetable for Monday

English – Phonics Worksheet

Handwriting Sheet

Maths – Addition using Number Bonds

Maths Activity Sheet

Science – What type of food do living things eat?

Activity Sheet

Music – Understanding Pulse