Be safe whatever the weather

We are currently developing this area where we will offer what we believe is best practice advice in relation to weather conditions.

We are all aware of the pleasure we get from being outdoors keeping fit and enjoying the fresh air.

But we should always remember the effects that weather conditions can make upon us.

Everyone’s body is different and this includes our skin types.

Our School is keen to work with parents to help us to promote all aspects of safety including this subject area.

Children learn as part of the curriculum about the weather and how it affects them and other forms of life.

They are taught how to protect themselves in such circumstances.

In this part of the world some people tend to think of UV light  as only being dangerous when the sun is shining brightly, but we must all be cautious at other times.

Most of the below relates to hot weather conditions, but cold conditions can cause concerns as well.

Just a few reminders-

Children should wear hats such as caps to protect their heads / necks whilst outdoors especially when the level of UV light/sun is high.

(School caps can be purchased from the office, parents may prefer to purchase them from elsewhere, please ensure the Childs name is clearly marked on all clothing).

Clothing –Parents may think it beneficial for Children to wear appropriate clothing such a shirts / blouses with long sleeves during spells of hot weather to protect the Children’s skin.

Water bottles should be sent into School for your Child, these can be refilled at anytime from one of the water coolers located in School.

Please ensure they are washed / replaced regularly.

Sun cream can not be applied by Staff, so parents are advised to ensure their child has sufficient protection before going to School e.g 24 hr sun cream.

If parents believe that their child will need additional sun cream applied during school time they can send some into School with them, the container must be marked with the Childs name and be suitable to be applied by the child onto themselves.

If your Child is particularly susceptible to weather conditions please ensure you make the School aware of your concerns in writing.

Shaded areas. Children will always be supervised whist at School (including excursions).

During sunny periods they will be encouraged to play outside the School building as this has many benefits to their general health.

We are aware that there are limited areas in the School grounds offering shade, some areas will be more beneficial than others and the effectiveness will alter due to the movement of the Sun.

If the weather conditions are so poor Children will not be permitted to leave the premises to play.

If a child feels unwell due to any reason they are encouraged to mention this to a member of staff.

Children with Asthma  or other similar conditions may  experience changes due to the weather, Parents are asked to inform the School if they have noticed any changes.

Our medical consent form is available on this website (or via School)- Click here

Additional information

Our website contains information in relation to the Weather- (inc Staying safe in winter, Pollen & UV information) Click here 

In addition we have a range of information available from ‘Expert sources’ including the NHS in our lifestyle section – Click here

We may publish extreme weather condition information via our Schools social media platforms.

We have a dedicated section on this website relating to unplanned closures.-Click here

If you have any concerns about your Childs health please seek medical advice.

Many members of our School staff are trained in first aid support.


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