The School operates with in excess of 200 policies, copies of policies not shown below can be provided if requested.

Many policies are drafted by the County Council and discussed / agreed by the Governors on a regular basis.

Some of our policies are given below. (Page last updated 04/09/2020)

Child Protection / Safeguarding  (updated September 2020 to reflect Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2020)) – Click Here

Peer on Peer / Child on Child Abuse Policy – Click Here

Designated Safeguarding Leads for School are: Mr. A. Wheatley (Headteacher), Mrs. F. O’Reilly (Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator) and Mrs. L. Cubbage (EYFS Co-ordinator)

Mental Health and Wellbeing – Click Here

Health & Safety – Click Here

Smoke-Free Workplace – Click Here

SEND (Special educational needs & disabilities)  – Click Here

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy – Click Here

Equalities Policy Statement – Click Here

Published Equalities Information about the context of the School (April 2020) – Click Here

Single Equalities Diversity –  Click Here 

Accessibility Plan – Click Here

Social Networking – Click Here

School Charging & Remissions –Click Here

Lettings – The School currently does not have lettings for the site or building

School Complaints Procedure (Pele Trust) – Click Here (Government advice Click here)

Anti-Bullying Policy – Click Here

Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy – Click Here

Relationships and Sex Education Policy – Click Here

E-Safety Policy – Click Here

Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Policy –Click Here

Information Sharing Policy – Click Here

Intimate Care Policy – Click Here

Whistleblowing Policy (Pele Trust) – Click Here

Weapons Policy – Click Here

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