School Staff

(Each class has either an animal name or a local location associated to it).

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Headteacher:                             Mr. A. Wheatley (DSL)

Nursery: (Hedgehogs)         Miss. L. Allsopp

Reception: (Owls)                  Mrs. L. Cubbage (Early Years Co-ordinator & Deputy DSL)

Year 1: (Wallington)             Miss. E. Kerridge

Year 2: (Cragside)                  Mrs. J. Southern (Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator), Mrs. H. Abbott & Miss. R. Southern (trainee)

Year 3: (Gibside)                     Mrs. H. Abbott & Mrs. J. March

Year 4: (Lindisfarne)            Mrs. D. Bilclough &  Mrs. L. Lowes

Year 5: (Bamburgh)               Mr. J. Hall

Year 6: (Dunstanburgh)     Mr. D. McDonald

SENDCO                                      Mrs. F. O’Reilly (Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator & SENDCO/ Deputy DSL)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant:   Mrs. S. Ziolkowski

Teaching Assistants:        Mrs L. Anderson, Mrs. J. Broadbent,  Ms. N. Lake,  Mrs. A. Haddock, Mrs. A. McGurk, Mrs. A. Noble,  Mrs. J. Robins, Miss. L. Ross, Mrs. J. Walker, Mr. M. Curry, Miss R Tweedie, Miss. K. Smith

Apprentice:                         Miss. A. Ridley

Office Manager               Mrs. J. Darby

Admin Assistant:             Mrs. L. Bower

Unit Manager:                   Mrs. W. Champion

Kitchen Assistant:           Mrs. S. Loughran

Senior Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant:     Mrs. A. Piggott

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants:    Mrs. K. Rochester, Miss. K. Smith & Mrs. V. Smith

Out of School Club (See other staff mentioned on page) Mrs. S. Robinson, Mrs. S Gibson, Miss R. Tweedie, Miss A. Ridley, Mrs. V. Smith & Miss. M. Broxup

Caretaker:                         Mrs. H. Gasser-Thompson (Including out of School Club)

Cleaners:                           Mrs. M. Fernadez & Mrs. S. Loughran

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