School Staff

School Staff 2016/17.

(Each class has either an animal name or a Northumberland location associated to it).

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Headteacher:                      Mr. A. Wheatley

Nursery: (Hedgehogs)       Mrs. J. Leja & Miss. E. Kerridge

Reception: (Owls)              Miss R. Thompson  & Mrs. H. Abbott (Acting Early Years Co-ordinator)                                                        Mrs. J. Southern (on maternity leave)

Year 1: (Wallington)          Miss. T. Thompson

Year 2: (Cragside)              Mrs. L. Cubbage   (Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator & Lead Teacher Literature Works)

Year 3: (Gibside)                Mrs. L. Richardson & Mrs. D. Bilclough

Supported by    Mrs. Thompson (Schools Direct)

Year 4: (Lindisfarne)         Miss. J. Cross

Year 5: (Bamburgh)            Miss. F. O’Reilly ( Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator )

Higher Level Teaching Assistant:   Mrs. S. Ziolkowski

Teaching Assistants:        Mrs. K. Alderson,  Mrs L. Anderson, Mrs. V. Batey, Mrs. J. Broadbent,            Mrs. N. Derbyshire, Mrs. M. Gilhome-Lamb, Mrs. A. Haddock, Mrs. A. McGurk, Mrs. J. Robins,              Mrs. J. Walker, Miss. A. Williamson

Office Manager                Mrs. L. Henderson

Admin Assistant                Mrs. L. Bower

Unit Manager:                   Mrs. W. Champion

Kitchen Assistant:             Ms. H. Bell

Senior Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant:     Mrs. A. Piggott

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants:         Mrs C Sewell (including out of School Club) & Mrs. K. Rochester

Out of School Club (See other staff mentioned on page)     Mrs. S. Robinson & Mrs. S. Tweddell  (Teaching Assistant)

Caretaker:                            Mrs. H. Gasser-Thompson (Including out of School Club)

Cleaner:                             Mrs. M. Chambers

Register of Staff Interests October 2015

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