Internet safety

Internet safety. (updated 10.05.2019)

It is very important that everyone stays safe whilst online.

The internet is a great place to learn & communicate with other people.

If you have any concerns about anything online please speak to a relative or teacher.

We have provided a link to the CEOP site on our school website, it is packed full of information for Children & parents / carers.

Online Games and Apps

The last few years have seen a huge rise in online gaming and the use of social media and communication apps. The links below are to parent guides for the most popular apps and online games. They explain what the app/game is, the risks and some top tips for keeping your children safe.

YouTube – Click Here

Instagram –Click Here

Fortnite (Battle Royale) – Click Here

TikTok – Click Here

Minecraft – Click Here

House Party – Click Here

Roblox – Click Here

SnapChat – Click Here

WhatsApp – Click Here

Strengthening Safeguarding Measures

On 22nd December 2015 Education Secretary Nicky Morgan announced as part of new proposals, all schools will need to significantly strengthen measures to safeguard children and young people against online dangers such as cyberbullying, pornography and the risk of radicalisation.

Under the new proposal, schools will need to demonstrate that they have appropriate monitoring systems in place in order to keep children and young people safe from harm in the ICT environment.

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that Future Digital is our monitoring systems provider as part of the Northumberland Local Authority Curriculum Service Level Agreement. By using Future Digital the school is already fully compliant with the new proposals and the most effective digital safeguarding solution is in place.

Please find useful information below provided by Parent info from CEOP & the parent zone.

Additional information

Internet access permission form – Click here

Parent zone – Click here

CBBC website – Click here

Internet matters .org – Click here

Child net – Internet safety Click here

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Communications Act 2003 – Offences Click here