Year 4

Remote Education for Year 4 is available on this page.

If you need to return completed work or to contact Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Bilclough please email:     0r via the children’s email within Purple Mash.

Friday 20th November

English- 20.11.20-introduction-to-traditional-tales-

Year 4 spellings 20.11.20

Maths- 6-x-tables-search-

Science- 20.11.20.Grouping living things

Thursday 19th November

English- continue work from PowerPoint

Maths – 6-times-table-and-division-facts-2020

Computing- 19.11.20 Computing

Wednesday 18th November

English- continue work from PowerPoint.

Maths- Maths 18.11.20

Art- Art in Nature 18.11.20

PHSE- PSHE I Believe in Me L2

Tuesday 17th November

English- continue on PowerPoint used yesterday.

Maths- Maths 17.11.20

Maths 17.11.20

Geography- World Climate Zones

World climate Card sort

World climate zones activity sheet

Monday 16th November

English- Eng 16-19.11.20

Maths- Maths 16.11.20

Geography- Grid References

Activity Sheet Cracking a Code

Friday 13th November

English-Reading activity (answers included) 13.11.20

Year 4 spellings 13.11.20


Science-Science 13.11.20

Science alive, dead, never alive SORTING ACTIVITY CARDS

Science Matching Activity Cards

Science Matching Activity Habitats

Thursday 12th November

English- English 12.11.20 ei, eigh and ey rule

Reading activity (answers attached) 12.11.20

Maths- Divide-by-100-12.11.20

Computing- Computing 12.11.29

Wednesday 11th November

English – English Powerpoint please complete work set for Wednesday

SPaG Adverbs 11.11.20

Divide-by-10 11.10.20

PSHE I Believe in Me

Tuesday 10th November 2020

English – English Powerpoint please complete work set for Tuesday

Comprehension Text

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Activities

Maths – Multiply by 100

PE – PE- Home Learning Activities


Monday 9th November 2020

English – Habitats (Monday work only)

Maths – Multiplying by 10

Geography – Plants of the World Powerpoint

Plants of the World Activity