School Curriculum

Curriculum Intent Statement

‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart’                                                                                                        Colossians 3:23

The School seeks to provide a broad and balanced education to children of all faith and no faith through the lens of Christianity.

To achieve this a coherent, narrative curriculum will provide a core foundational knowledge across all subjects reflecting the greatest that culture has to offer while striving for academic excellence for all. Children will be encouraged to ask questions, debate, analyse and think critically about their own learning. Communication with others through sharing, teaching others and performing are key skills to be learnt to allow children to be active and informed participants in the wider community and cultural conversations.   

The curriculum aims to create confident young people who can be full participants in an increasingly interconnected world. 

‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself’                                                                                                                                                                                          Mark 12:31

The School believes that all people are uniquely made in the image of God and equally loved by Him. This is reflected through the approach to the curriculum which both recognises and celebrates diversity and difference across society. It also recognises the importance of loving and valuing yourself as equally important. The curriculum also commits to encouraging an understanding of the wider world beyond the immediate area but also a courageous advocacy to seek the best for all and an understanding that all individuals have responsibilities and can make a difference for good.