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Q) When can I apply for my Child to come to Heddon School ?

A) You can apply from the birth of your Child for the Nursery, but will always have to re-apply for Reception in the October before they are due to be admitted.

Nursery Application

Please complete the two below forms and return them to the School Office – Please mark them ‘Nursery Application’

Application – Admission Form Page 1 Admission Form Pages 2 and 3

Ethnicity form –   Click here

Free Early Education

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Admissions (Re all Schools in Northumberland).

For the admissions policy for 2022-2023 as provided by Pele Trust – Click Here

 Our Early Years Brochure

Please check out our early years brochure available in paper form –  Click Here

We realise that as your Child starts school there may be many questions you would like to ask.

We would be delighted to help you at any stage, please do not hesitate to contact us – We are here to help – Click here

Main School Brochure

The School no longer produces a paper brochure.

All the up to date information about the School can be found on the School website.

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