Our Community Prayer Tree

When you are out for you exercise in the village could I suggest that you take a walk up to School.

Our Key Worker children have created a very special prayer tree. They have made the tree themselves and have written some prayers that they would like to share with you.

What they would like most of all is if you bring your own prayer to add to the tree when you come to look at it. All prayers can just be tied to the fence. It could be for the Key Workers or for someone that you personally know.

We hope that grown ups as well as children add their prayers. It is on the fence outside of the School so that any member of the community can add their own prayers to. I am sure that Rev. Audrey will be offering these prayers at our Parish Church.

I have added some pictures of the inspirational prayers written by some of our children already on the tree.

We can’t wait to read your prayers!