School Calendar

A few dates for your diary (updated 30/5/22)

 We are pleased to bring to your notice a few events of interest to help you plan.

13/06/22     Year 5 Bikeability

17/06/22     Year 1 Trip – Quayside

20/06/22     Year 3 Trip – Alnwick Castle

22/06/22     Year 6 Trip – Sunderland Maritime Museum

23/06/22      EYFS visit to Bays Leap Farm

23/06/22      Year 4 Trip – Train journey

23/06/22      Year 2 Trip – Discovery Museum

Date for Year 5 Trip to follow shortly

24/06/22     Bikeability Reception

26/06/22     Year 6 France trip 26th to 30th June 2022

01/07/22      Bikeability Reception

04/07/22     Year 6 STEM event – St James Park

08/07/22     Bikeability Reception

11/07/22       School closed – Bank Holiday in lieu of Platinum Jubilee

13/07/22      ‘Crepe Man’ – Year 5 & 6

15/07/22     Bikeability Reception

Additional information may be posted nearer the time of the events


Whenever we hold services in St. Andrew’s Church, we always appreciate it if you are going to Church, you would walk up and down with the younger children. Thank you.

As our School continues to grow we are aware of the limited capacity of St. Andrew’s Church.

Therefore the main Church services may  be split into Early Years / Key Stage 1 and a separate service for Key Stage 2.

Hopefully this will enable all parents to be able to attend if they wish and to have a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.


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School life is so busy that we can not add each & every event onto the calendar page

*The calendar is provided as a general guide, please confirm exact dates with above sites / links if dates are important to you e.g booking holidays etc *

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