Business links

*This section of the website is currently being developed *


We are delighted to have a diverse and high quality range of businesses within this area.

We have developed close working relationships with some and would relish the opportunity to work with others for mutual benefits.

Please contact the School office to make initial enquiries.

Update 16/7/15

The School’s new website has been running successfully since October 2014.

The intention of having such a vibrant website was to inform interested parties, comply with legal requirements, celebrate great work being undertaken at our School, reduce the workload of staff by making relevant and up to date information available to all, expand communication channels with families and reduce costs to name but a few.
The success has been above our expectations in terms of hits upon the site, these are being supported by the use of social media.
The School Governors have carefully considered the possibility of raising funds and creating greater links between businesses and the School by allowing the site to be sponsored and also the placing of appropriate adverts.
Advice has been sought from Northumberland County Council
Those supporting our School in such a way must realise that this in no way infers that the School gives any recommendation of their services or products.
All proceeds from the agreement will go directly into School funds to provide additional ICT equipment for the benefit of our Children.
(Non financial contributions will also be considered e.g donation of products / services)
How much will we be asking?
Website sponsorship – Open to discussion.
Adverts – £50.00 PA
How long will the adverts be placed on the site?
To run from 1st September each year until 31st August the following year.
(Placing of adverts for a shorter period of time may be considered).
Where will they be situated?
On the right side bar, visible on every page of the website.
Will my advert have exclusivity?
No, several adverts will appear on a rotation basis (approx 5 seconds), and other providers of a similar service may also wish to support the School in such a away.
To discuss the offer please contact the School directly – Click here
Website statistics are provided on our ‘School Snippets’ page – Click here
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